Transportation Providers

NEMT Solutions Dispatch Service can help grow your business and save you money.

dispatcher1NEMT Solutions Dispatch Service assists clients in developing high quality transportation services by helping them better manage their operations, while at the same time saving them time and reducing their costs.

Never miss another call again! Missed calls cause loss of trips, loss of contracts and loss of revenue. Our cost effective dispatch center is available 24 hours each day with staff who are friendly and eager to provide excellent service.

NEMT Solutions Dispatch Service provides state of the art software and GPS systems giving streamlined efficiency to each of its clients.

  • Provide excellent and time saving dispatching services which help our providers acquire more trips and develop more cost-saving routing of vehicles
  • Provide driver training to help improve service quality and meet contract requirements
  • Analyze their operations and offer ways to save cost and improve their procedures
  • Develop marketing material to help them market their services
  • Help them with putting together proposals to respond to RFPs to gain more business
  • We form networks of local providers to expand their business by participating in large transportation service programs

NEMTDispatch is proud to partner with TomTom Business Solutions for their GPS/Navigational needs.


I recently began working with NEMT Solutions for our dispatching and phone answering services and I am extremely happy with their service. Now I have more time to train my drivers, focus on billing and continue my local marketing. They have made our entire operation more efficient, thanks guys!

David Cohen
Ace Medical Transportation

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